Frequently Asked Questions

Programs for Students

Who is eligible to participate in the tutoring program?

Economically disadvantaged students in Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties are eligible to participate.

How old does my child have to be to join the tutoring program?

Students in grades 3-12 are eligible for our online tutoring program. Students of all ages are welcome to attend our in-person events and motivational programs.

Is there a cost?

If your child is selected to participate in our programs, there is no cost for online peer tutoring (general homework help) for elementary and middle school aged students. High school aged students requiring specialized services from professional tutors, such as assistance with college or scholarship applications may require an affordable fee payable per session. The amount of this fee may vary depending on the economic circumstances of the family.

What are the selection criteria?

It is based on the income and interest level of the parent or guardian, as well as a personal interview with the student.

Beside economic need, are there other requirements to participate in the tutoring program?

Since tutoring is conducted online, students need access to a device with a video camera and a reliable internet connection. Students do not need to speak English perfectly to communicate with tutors, but they should have some fluency. Parents/guardians need to make good faith efforts to help children log on for their tutoring appointments in a timely fashion. Students need to comport themselves in a respectful manner when interacting with peer tutors, teachers, or mentors.

For how long do students participate in the program?

Awareness USA’s goal is to help students graduate from high school and prepare them for college, as well as successfully realize their goals as adults, so we want students to remain in the program for as long as they need to be able to finish assignments independently and significantly improve their grades in any academic subjects. We want students to want to be part of the Awareness USA community, work hard to improve their skills, and eventually become peer tutors for others.

What do I do to register for the program?

Get in touch with us via the contact page on our website. We will email you two forms to read, sign, and return: a request for service/consent form and a student information disclosure form.

Public Programs

Public programs address the various aspects of a living a joyful life. They are designed for attendees of all ages to help build important life skills, from daily affirmations to managing finances.

What is the ASB program?

ASB stands for Academic and Soft Skill-Building. The components of this program include: academic education, mentoring, and volunteering.

What type of mentoring is offered to the students?

We treat students as whole people. Aside from confidence-building and positive growth emphasized in tutoring sessions, students are encouraged to attend motivational classes and soft-skill seminars on Zoom presented by varied, accomplished motivational speakers. When it is safe to do so, we will resume periodic in-person gatherings of all the students and families so they may bond, support, and network with each other.

Why is it important for students to volunteer?

At Awareness USA, we believe in the importance of “paying it forward.” Every person should give back to their community in some way. Volunteering helps students and their families to be invested in and connect with their communities. Awareness USA will partner with other independent agencies to set up period volunteering opportunities.

Are mentoring programs available to the general public?

Some events will be. Awareness USA offers motivations talks, stress reduction seminars, and “Joy of Life” workshops are open to the public. Registration may be required. The hosting party of such events will set the entry criteria into those gatherings.