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The current COVID-19 pandemic took us all by surprise. This viral infection, which started in China in late December 2019, has spread across the lands, seas, and around the globe. It has inflicted dreadful fear, illness, and death on people all over the world and completely wiped out some families. The economic disruption, unemployment, and lifestyle changes are unfathomable and have been instantaneous. The COVID-19 knows no borders, countries, cultures, faith, or politics; it is highly infectious to rich or poor, black or white, men or women, north or south, and Democrat or Republican.

This pandemic is a stark reminder that we, much like our ancestors, are in eternal conflict with nature for survival. We have witnessed rapid responses from all nations, communities, and individuals to fight this infectious virus with social distancing, protective gear, and lockdowns. The governments have declared national emergencies and given massive economic relief to the people at risk. Scientists are racing to find drugs, vaccines, and immune globulins to cure it. Health care workers, emergency services, FEMA, and the U.S. Armed Forces have been unleashed to retaliate against this scourge.

We will win this battle but need to focus on the lessons we can learn along the way. The COVID-19 viral pandemic is a wakeup call to us all to realize future pandemics: new viruses, environmental calamities, or asteroid strikes on Earth. We risk total mutual destruction through nuclear wars, biological warfare, the abuse of AI, nanotechnology, and genetic mutation. At this juncture, we should remind ourselves who we are and learn from the ways our ancestors navigated themselves to build a better world against all odds.

We are an intelligent race. We have managed to survive epidemic and pandemic infections, natural disasters, and brutal cold through the ages. We have shared our knowledge, skills, and wisdom for the good of humanity. If it weren't for our intelligence and bonds of love, empathy, and camaraderie for our fellow human, the five feet, 100-pound person wouldn't have had a chance to outrun his predators in the jungles of Africa.

We are social beings, so we have the virtue of living together in families and communities to leverage skills and knowledge to help each other. We have figured out how to domesticate plants and animals to unleash food production and settled on the riverbanks to build ancient civilization. Our predecessors pursued science and technology to construct a materially comfortable, prosperous, healthier, and happier world for us. Together, the world is enriched with massive intelligence to successfully deal with existential threats against us.

Sharing and caring for one another is a human trait. At every critical movement in history, communities, nations, and people have united to fight off common threats. About 100,000 years ago, thousands of our forbearers clustered around the Equator in East Africa to survive the harsh, brutal cold of the Ice Age. Sharing their knowledge and skills, they ventured out of Africa to adapt to the lands, seas, and nature across the globe.

We share the same Earth, the same Sun, the same universe, and the same environment, and even, the same genetic material. We share oxygen, water, natural resources, emotions, and feelings. Anthropological and genealogical studies reveal that 7.8 billion strong mankind on the planet Earth are cousins, no matter how distant. Hence, we should treat each other as we would a closely related cousin; we should love, collaborate, and be kind to each other regardless of color, nation, religion, and social status.

The current crisis is a human cry to world nations to join and make long-term plans to detect, prevent, and mitigate future threats to humanity. We should call for all countries to establish a task force of world scientists to address all the potential risks for human survival on planet Earth. This program should be formed for the sole purpose of tackling common threats to humanity. It should be constituted by scientists motivated to save humankind, founded by member nations, and administered by an independent trust.

Then, we have a second front to fight, i.e. the enemy within us; people killing people for their self-interests, beliefs, biases, and greed. Similarly, differences-based ethnicity, color, religion, region, and culture have caused massive human loss through world wars, civil wars, and guerrilla fights. Cousins killing each other doesn't make sense, knowing what we know now about ourselves.

We live in a global village that offers abundant resources, opportunities, and the freedom to travel and express to everybody in the world. It is not inadequate resources for people in the world that is causing this strife, but our limiting beliefs in scarcity, attitudes, and behaviors acquired from the old world. This inner enemy should be fought at an individual level through self-education and transformation, a community-level through mass education, a political level through debate and discussion, and a state-level through instituting amends or new laws. The member nations should discuss, debate, and act on those issues to make binding treaties to save humanity from such threats.

Please share this message with your friends, families, associations, and associates at work. We welcome your comments, suggestions, additions, omissions, and amends. We plan to take this message to a wider audience.

Share the Joy!

Purna Bikkasani

May 23, 2020


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