The Book - Joy Of Life

The book Joy of Life authenticates the idea that happiness is buildable in the modern world.

It provides the concrete pathways to build a joyous life of your own using the tools of happiness, adapting to adversity, and setpoint happiness. If you are like the majority of people who suffer and struggle in life—financially, emotionally, or psychologically—I hope to take you through a step by step process to get over daily challenges in life. Practicing the tools and habits presented in this book will fuel greater success and happiness at any stage in life.

The building blocks of happiness are as follows.

  • Know the purpose of life is reached through self-help and helping others.
  • Learn to replace your old habits and attitudes with the new ones to be happy in life.
  • Manage your stress through memorizing goals and affirmations.
  • Attain peace of mind by resolving inner, and outer conflicts.
  • Work effortlessly through good body posture and awareness.
  • Consciousize anxieties, fears, and frustrations to live a happy life.
  • Embrace human diversity as a thing of beauty, not a cause for conflict.
  • Know that our principles, morals, and belief systems help us to survive and thrive.
  • Commit to charity, for it is our moral obligation.
  • Live free and fearless to achieve ultimate happiness.

In this book, I share the tools that have made me a happy man. I arose from poverty to richness, backwardness to sophistication, and ignorance to knowledge and wisdom. I explain the habits that have transcended my fears, frustrations, and insecurities in life. The book is written with sound scientific, evolutionary, social, and emotional underpinnings of the modern world. The tools of happiness recommended here are consistent with all belief systems, faiths, and philosophies.


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