Programs for Students

“Education is the mother of all universal progress.”
--Dr. Bikkasani


At Awareness USA, our goal is to provide flexible tools for students and families to help each child overcome academic obstacles. We offer a student-centered educational experience to empower disadvantaged kids to excel in their studies and succeed in life. For more information, please visit our Contact page and get in touch with us. 

Free Homework Help for Grades 7 and Up

Awareness USA links eligible academically and economically disadvantaged students with high-achieving high school age tutors. Using an online conferencing format, students in middle school and high school have access to homework help as needed. Peer tutors are available throughout the week after school and can be accessed on-demand through a simple appointment process.

Academic Mentoring Programs for High School

High school students who qualify for our programs also have access to professional educators who can:

   ●  Guide and encourage in the areas of time management, study skills, and goal-setting. 
   ●  Review and provide help with essays and other written assignments.
   ●  Provide help with math and science coursework.
   ●  Assist with ACT/SAT preparation.
   ●  Advise and assist with college and scholarship applications and financial aid applications.
   ●  Help students build resumes.
   ●  Coach students in developing soft skills for job interviews and other career or vocational applications.

Dr. Bikkasani also provides motivational programs for students, both in person and via Zoom. When it is safe to do so, we will resume periodic gatherings of all the students and families in order to network and bond. Motivational speakers from various fields of expertise will address the students at some of these gatherings.

For more information on motivational programs, visit our "Joy of Life" programs page.

To book a presentation at your school or to find out more about these educational programs 'contact us today'.

100% of the proceeds from speaking engagements and sales of Dr. Bikkasani's book, Joy of Life, now available on Amazon, go to fund Awareness USA's programs.


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