Awareness USA has provided multiple services to me and my two girls including homework and tutoring at a time when my life was experiencing chaos. I was able to set up daily homework and tutoring sessions via zoom. I have seen significant improvement in grades and social interaction with my girls as they work towards goals initiated with Awareness USA. For all the tutors that have worked with my girls, thanks for your dedication and patience, my girls love you! I look forward to continued success with your organization.


Mother of 2

During my time as a tutor at Awareness USA, I have always had the opportunity to grow and confront situations I otherwise would've never experienced. Due to the variety of curriculums I could be expected to help a student on, my own strengths and weaknesses in my academics have been fortified. Through this tutoring program, I'm able to meet many different students that have all been nothing short of amazing. I'm excited to see this organization grow and reach out to more students.


Homework Help Tutor

I learned so much from the Joy trainings given by Dr. Bikkasani. Lessons in listening fully and without judgement as well as learning to be happy and appreciative.

Melissa Celik

I was privileged to be able to attend Dr. Bikkisani's workshop which has helped me, not only in my personal life, but my professional life as well. In these uncertain times, we now more than ever, need to remain calm and reach out to those in need. His workshop not only teaches us but inspires us to do so. And his charity, wow, not only helping those in need, teaching and inspiring the children who are our future. Imagine, one child helping another, and then another and so on, the butterfly affect. Thank you Dr. Bikkisani, this world is a better place with you in it.

Beth Pansire

Dr. Bikkasani and his partners were eager to help any way they could and wanted to see the success of the children in our program. Dr. Bikkasani mentored the children with valuable life lessons, inspiration, and hope for the future.

Marlon Tulloch                         

Area Coordinator for Education advantage

The information [Dr. Bikkasani shared] was on a subject matter that directly affects our community, which can be used to make informed decisions.

Shari Jenkins                         



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